Saliva Drug Tests
Saliva Drug Tests

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Drug Testing Kit for the Workplace


Nowadays, employers conduct drug testing on their employees to ensure that they are not abusing any illegal drugs. However, there are various types of drug testing kits and it's therefore important to find right one for your needs. Here are some tips for choosing the best drug testing kit.


First, determine what kind of drugs you want to test for in order to help you choose the right testing kit. Drug test kits come in variety of types depending on whether one wants to test a single drug or multiple drugs. Categories of drugs that can be tested include; stimulants, depressants, opioids. The single panel drug testing kit is designed to detect a single drug like cannabis while the multiple testing kits for multiple drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, opiate and ecstasy.


Find out which type of Instant drug tests kits is more suitable for your employees to use. The most common kits include urine drug testing kits, hair drug test kits and saliva drug testing kits. Most employers use the urine and saliva drug testing kits because they easy to use, provides accurate results and an almost immediate results. The hair test kit can take up to 90 days to detect presence of drugs in the system. The saliva testing kit is ideal for random tests. However, if you are on a tight budget, urine drug testing kits are a god choice.


When choosing a drug testing kit for the workplace, it is important for employers to know what kind of specimen or sample they are going to use. The most commonly used specimens in drug testing are saliva, hair, blood, sweat and urine. If you are going to test saliva, make sure you buy oral swabs, but if you are going to test urine, you should buy urine caps. For further details regarding drug testing, visit


Make sure that the saliva drug testing kit is high quality before you purchase it. The benefit of using a high-quality kit is that you can be assured of accurate drug test results. You will know that a drug test kit is good quality if it is FDA-approved. Also, purchase kits that are manufactured in the US because they are known to always use the same material. Additionally, take a look at the color of the indicator line for a positive result and ensure that it is cherry red. Otherwise, the kit may be substandard and it's likely to give inaccurate results.