Saliva Drug Tests
Saliva Drug Tests

Detailed Information About Drug Test Kits


Drug test kits are tools that are used to test the presence or absence of specific drugs in the body through saliva, sweat, hair, blood, and urine. Various drug test kits can be used both at home and in the workplace. At home, parents can test their children if they are using any drugs and at workplaces, employers usually test employees before hiring them and after a specified period. The reason for drug testing at workplaces is to make sure that employees maintain high productivity at work and that the environment for working is conducive.


There are many benefits of workplace drug testing canada kits. To start with, when you have drug testing kits at various workplaces, people do not have to go to the clinics for tests and this saves a lot of time that could have been spent on the clinic or hospital. When you use drug testing kits the results are seen immediately; therefore, one does not have to spend time waiting for test results. You should note that one can get results quickly and the results are usually accurate.


Drug test kits are easy to use as the procedures are very simple. When purchasing drug testing kits, you should make sure that they have manuals that have instructions on how to use it. There are various types of drug testing kits, and this is in regards to the number of drugs that are to be tested. Single panel drug testing kits are used to test one drug at a time, and there are mostly used when one wants to test a specific drug as testing various drugs may be time-consuming with this kind of drug testing kits.


Another type of drug testing kits is multi-panel drug testing kits. These are the most popular, and the reason for this is because they can be able to test several drugs at once. They save a lot of time as you only need to check drugs using a single specimen and they detect all the drugs that a person is using. Drug testing kits are cost effective especially in workplaces whereby you do not need to take all the employees to a clinic to be tested while you can do it in the workplace. To read more about the benefits of drug testing, go to


Lastly, it is essential to note that DOT drug testing kits are available both online and on the local medical stores. You should make sure that you buy from a reputable supplier for the accuracy of results.